[Advaita-l] Objections to VedApauresheyatvam - Response Discussion

Rajaram Venkataramani rajaramvenk at gmail.com
Sat Feb 23 07:34:01 CST 2013

I have consolidated the objections to VedApauresheyatvam in one document,
which can be accessed on my googledocs folder. I have also translated it in
to a 5 part lecture in Tamil running to over 60 minutes. I have shared it
with Sri Mani Dravid Sasrtrgal. He has kindly heard the translation and is
prepared to discuss the response. I plan to organise a preliminary session
with sastrgial in March to understand his response. The session will be in
Tamil. Those who are interested, please drop a note to rajaramvenk at gmail.com


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