[Advaita-l] What is Difference between Brahma and Sweetness ?

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PraNAms - 
Just like is different from the true. One is reflected image and the other the original. The reflected image looks like the original but not the origial. Similar to the face seen in the mirror which is just like the original - of course depends on the reflecting medium. If the refleting pool, the mind, gets disturbed then the image becomes blurred - similarly the vishayananda depends on the unperturbed state of mind. Hence in the Tai. Up. at every state of annanda scale - ex. manushya ananda to hiranya garba annanda there is a parallel statement - shotriyasya akaamayatasya . The same extent of ananada by one shotriya who has no perturbation in the mind due to kaama or desires. 
In principle, by definition there cannot be anything other than Brahman - including existent entities or conscious entities or ananda-entities. brahmaarpanam brahmahaviH.. - provides the essence of the above statement. 
Just my 2c
Hari Om!

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>But if Vishaya Sukha is just like Brahmananda but it is limited only.
>There is a problem. To get Brahmananda I will have to learn Vedanta
>and struggle for many many years. Then also there is no guarantee I
>will get Brahmananda. Why should I do that? I can be satisfied with
>Vishaya Ananda and enjoy little things every day in my life. It is
>much easier compared to struggling for Brahmananda.
>What is the true difference between Brahmananda and Vishayananda?
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>> But Brahma is not like that. Even if you taste it continously for long
>> time you will not feel sad.
>> praNAms
>> Hare Krishna
>> Yes, vishayAnanda is also (metaphorically)  part of that infinite
>> brahmAnanda (see taitereeya about mAnushAnanda), it is just like, a dog
>> licking the dry bone and enjoying its own blood :-)) sushupti Anada comes
>> close to this ever lasting brahmAnanda, hence every night  everyone eager
>> to go to bed to have a sound sleep :-))
>> Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
>> bhaskar
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