[Advaita-l] Doubt regarding sanyasa dharma

Abhishek Madhyastha abhishek046 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 28 10:03:24 CST 2013


I was asked by a person on my page about an incident in his personal
life about his grandfather taking sanyasa in anger. He wants to know
whether it is possible to go back to grihastashrama given the
circumstances that he lied to his Guru. Here's the question he's

My nana (mother's father) use to wear pitambar as cloth, khadau in
feet, jata on head for last 25 years but didnt take sanyas nd was
living wid his family,
but there would alwayz some misconception btween him and whole family
many times he ran away frm home
but dis tym due to some misunderstanding  he went to kumbh in anger nd
there he lied dat he has not any family behind him and he is alone ,
nd asked a guru to give him sanyas,
when family members in search of him went to kumbh he was already a sanyasi ,
when family members met with the guru den he told dat, as he(my nana)
lied to him so he can revert to grihasth jeevan.

Is it possible to go in the reverse order in the ashrama dharma just
because he lied to get sanyasa. Is there any provision in the shastras
under such circumstances?


Abhishek Madhyastha

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