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> Consciousness
> is not an object or an objectifiable entity - and science has no valid
> means to
> inquire into it. naishaatarkena matiraapaneya – involves the logically one
> cannot establish the absolute truth – also the statement implies that
> logically
> one cannot negate the absolute truth- Hence objective scientific tools are
> invalid in the pursuit of the absolute truth that pervades both the
> observer
> and the observed.
> The
> famous Schrodinger’s cat problem is an example in point.
> Hence
> Vedanta becomes a pramaana and apurusheyatva aspect provides a basis for
> the
> faith in the statements of the Vedanta to proceed for valid inquiry of the
> nature of Brahman or self that I am. The truth being aprameyam or not
> being an
> object of knowledge, Vedanta acts as a pramaana only removes the ignorance
> that
> is blocking my vision of the truth– it does not reveal Brahman as Brahman
> as
> conscious entity is self-revealing.
> The
> confusion comes only if one applies objective tools to understand the
> subject. Science
> is valid in its sphere of reference, that is, within vyavahaara for
> understanding objectifiable entities – which are products of Iswara
> sRishTi. Mixing
> the references states becomes a fundamental problem as is evident in many
> of these
> posts.
> Incidentally
> the same problem persists in the self-realization as one tries to
> objectify the
> subject or Brahman – This forms the basic difference in paroxa jnaanam vs
> aparoxa jnaanam. Gradations in the jnaani is only due to gradations in
> moving
> from the former to the later as it is not discrete process. The so-called
> stages of  jnaani is only a digitization of
> analog problem!
> Sadananda
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> Both science as well Vedanta needs consciousness.One cannot enquire into
> consciousness.Science has certain proved experimental results which cannot
> be questioned till it is experimentally proved false.Einstein's theory of
> Relativity is still being validated with each experimental
> results.But,Vedanta cannot be verified like scientic results.What is true
> for Ramana Maharshi is true for himself.It cannot be verified,by
> another.This way science and Vedanta belongs to different speheres and
> dimensions.Science has practical utility.But,Vedanta cannot be applied to
> practical utility.What is Self-realization cannot be defined.One cannot
> apply the scientific postulates to Vedanta.There is no way of verifying
> what is Brahman!One has to go only to the sruthi texts and read what is
> said there.It is said there are no gradations in Jnana.
> N.Srikanta.
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