[Advaita-l] AtmA tvam

V Srini vsrini29 at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 9 11:56:32 CST 2013

There is a set of shlokas popularly known as "Shiva Manasa Pooja", with a famous shloka that starts with "AtmA tvaM girijA matiH . . " and ends with "yadyat karma karomi tattadakhilaM shambho tavArAdhanam".

The popular claim is that this is written by Adi Shankaracharya. I searched the entire collection of his works and did not find this. Anyone knows in what book or work of his this can be found? Or is it called by a different name? For example the popular "bhajagovindam" was originally called "mohamudgaraH"

BTW, I also searched shloka indexes of several of his books.


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