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> In another thread, the argument that there were only three Vedas
> initially, as exemplified by numerous utterances, and the Atharvana Veda
> has been 'added' later has been mentioned.
> The utterances about Rigyajussaama are numerous (even in Ramayana, in
> Aditya Hridayam) as is the word trayeevidyaa (for Vedas), or even plain
> trayee. If Atharva(na) Veda were a later addition, its PramaaNyataa and in
> its wake, that of the entire Veda comes into question.
> I had asked one scholar Br. Sri. Vedamurtulu Kuppa Siva
> Subrahmanyaavadhaani garu three or four years back, when he was the
> principal of the VedapaaThaSaala at Keesaragutta, Hyderabad (run by
> Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam) when he spoke on a related topic at Sanskrit
> Academy, Hyderabad and his answer was that there are three kinds of Vedic
> mantras - Rik, Saaman and Yajus. The first one is the name given to mantras
> whose primary characteristic is eulogy or praise; the second, to the those
> whose primary characteristic is that they are sung; and the, third to those
> which are employed in a Yajna. Whenever reference is made to the 'three',
> it is to be understood as reference to the type of Vedamantras. Each Veda
> may have mantras of any one type or more. The Atharva Veda primarily
> consists on Riks.
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> N. Siva Senani
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