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> Namaste,
> Long time back I had posted a query on akhaNDAkAra vritti and had received a reply from a member, the relevant portion of which is as under:
> "the vRtti mentioned above is variously known as brahmAkAra/
> akhaNDAkAra/ AtmAkAra vRtti, ahaM sphuraNa, nirvisheSha-Atma
> sAkShAtkAra etc.
> according to sha~Nkara, the immediate knowledge of brahman that arises
> because of vedAnta vichAra destroys aj~nAna and leads to anAtmavRtti
> nirodha. this immediate knowledge of brahman is the same as brahmAkAra
> vRtti. from the yoga point of view, it is a form of saMpraj~nAta
> samAdhi where the mind assumes the form of the self.
> the siddhAnta is that brahmAkAravRtti destroys avidyA (dehAtmabhAva)
> and finally destroys itself. the destruction of the brahmAkAra vRtti
> by itself would correspond to a transition from sampraj~nAta to
> asaMpraj~nAta samAdhi, in the above scheme of classification.
> AchArya gauDapAda talks of brahmAkAra vRtti in his mANDUkya kArikAs as follows:
> 'yadA na lIyate chittaM na cha vikShipyate punaH.
>  ani~NganamanAbhAsaM niShpannaM brahma tattadA..' (mA.kA. 3.46)
> the resolution of brahmAkAra vRtti into the self after destroying
> avidyA is known, for instance, from verses like:
> 'aj~nAnakaluShaM jIvaM j~nAnAbhyAsAdvinirmalam.
>  kRtvA j~nAnaM svayaM nashyejjalaM katakareNuvat..' (Atmabodha 5)
> the j~nAnAbhyAsa mentioned by AchArya is the
> shravaNa-manana-nididhyAsana process (= vedAnta vichAra)
> it is important to keep in mind that according to sha~Nkara, it is not
> chitta vRtti nirodha that produces Atmaj~nAna. it's the other way
> about - by steadily holding on to Atmaj~nAna, which arises from
> vedAnta vichAra, chitta vRtti nirodha is effected permanently. this
> doesn't mean mano nigraha is not necessary. mano nigraha is absolutely
> necessary for vedAnta vichAra. however, permanent chitta vRtti nirodha
> is impossible without Atmaj~nAna."
> Source:http://article.gmane.org/gmane.culture.religion.advaita/165/match=j+nAnAbhyAsAdvinirmalam
> My question is, this explanation accepted by all the schools of advaita? Can one get jnAna without this akhaNDAkAra vritti? The views of the members is solicited.
> My specific query is:

It is said that akhaNDAkAra vritii destroys avidya which is accepted by
all. But the question is, do all the schools agree that the vritti destroys
itself and that the duality cease where atman alone shines which
automatically leads to chiita vritti nirodha? Is this mandatory for

Pointers and pramANa vAkyas are requested.

Best Wishes,


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