[Advaita-l] Vedas are not apauresheya according to the Vedas ?

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> > During a recent interaction with the eminent scholar/thinker Vidwan Mani
> > Dravid SastrigaL at Tumkur during the meet on The Contributions of Sri
> > Vidyaranya, I broached the above topic.  He said:  If anyone were to ask
> me
> > on this, I would say: Supposing we admit someone to be the author of the
> > Veda.  The immediate question would be 'how / from where did he know?'
> >
>  Can we conclude apaurusheyatva of Aesop's fables also on the same grounds?

There are differences between Aesop's fables and the Veda.  The Veda is the
source to know things supersensuous, atIndriya, like dharma/adharma, svarga
and above all, apavarga (Moksha).  These cannot be the imagination of a
person who can at best churn stories like the Panchatantra, involving
characters human and otherwise, inspired by human behaviour.  The Veda is
much greater than this.  No variety of human life can inspire one to think
of  mokSha.  In fact the very idea that one is bound, has re-birth, is
known from the Veda.


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