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Dear Sri Shriharsha chatra
I am not an authority on this subject matter.But it is always good to do 
one`s ordained pooja by oneself.Only problem will be security checks in 
foreign countries and our salagramams may be not allowed or the carrier may 
be called in question to explain etc.which may be embarrasing as madi 
aspects are violated.So it is advisable to handover the pooja to a trusted 
relative while going abroad.Otherwise I think there should be no bar to do 
one`s pooja wherever he goes.
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> Dear Members,
> As a part of Panchayatana Puja, can we use idols or murthis instead.
> I stay abroad, and many purohits opined that salagrama and other stones
> should be used with in Bharatha Kanda, so I have to drop that.
> Please give your insight.
> Thanks,
> Harsha
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