[Advaita-l] Vedas are not apauresheya according to the Vedas ?

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While Vidyasankarji will reply to your mail, may I also respond to one particular point in your mail. That is as follows:
Where can I find references to shruti over smrti logic from the perspective of advaita vedanta and other

I read (though I do not remember the reference off-hand) that the Smritis themselve claim that they are based on the Shruti and in the event of one finding (even if it is only in appearance) any difference between what the Shruti says and what the Smriti says, one is advised to follow the what the Shruti says.

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> I submit that any attempt at such establishing will lead you into the same
> logical trap in
> which the pUrva mImAMsaka-s caught out the naiyyAyikas.

RV: Why?

> I also do not see any need
> to club together the Bible and the Quran with the smRti texts and thereby
> subordinate
> them to Sruti. Plainly put, this is an attempt at proselytizing the vedas,
> which is alien
> to the entire history and spirit of the vaidika tradition.
RV: If there are beliefs we always saw if the belief is valid or not,
dharmic or not. We included other schools of thought by accepting the
common good and rejecting the evil. I treat Bible or Quran as tamasic and
pauresheya, with a small p, sabda pramana negated by truth.

> Human beings don't always operate by logic, especially when it comes to
> religion. ... What I am saying is, one can always find a reason one way or
> the other to validate the principle of Sruti trumping smRti, without
> necessarily subscribing to apaurusheyatva. It
> just so happens that apaurusheyatva is the mImAMsA and the dominant
> vedAnta position, but this is more a descriptive statement than otherwise.
> It was not offered as a reason for why Sruti is pramANa and it is not the
> reason why Sruti overrules smRti in case of conflict.
RV: I agree that we dont operate logically and one can find reasons though
all reasons may not be equally valid. Where can I findd references to
shruti over smrti logic from the perspective of advaita vedanta and other
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