[Advaita-l] On rationality; was "Vedas are not apauresheya according to the Vedas ?"

V Subrahmanian v.subrahmanian at gmail.com
Thu Jan 24 12:33:43 CST 2013

On Thu, Jan 24, 2013 at 5:40 PM, Bhaskar YR <bhaskar.yr at in.abb.com> wrote:

> praNAms
> Hare Krishna
> I am afraid you are not getting my point here.
> I think to prove veda-s are apaurusheya, you are depending on mainly two
> sources.  They are :
> (a) Veda-s are aparusheya because veda-s themselves say so.
> (b) Veda-s are aparusheya because some parusheya texts say so.

Neither.  I am surprised that you have not realized that Advaita holds the
Veda to be apaurusheya on the anupalabdhi pramANam and note that it is not
a 'belief system' as you have been caricaturing it.  And also note that the
Sringeri Acharya who wrote those lines has not excluded himself from the
other puruSha authors.  And our regarding the pUrvAchArya-s and other
smRtikAra-s as venerable ones is only because at the base of their
greatness lies the Veda that is the source of all their accomplishment.
That point is also implied in the Acharya's lines that I cited.


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