[Advaita-l] aruNa prashna & upanishad chanting in evening

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Fri Jan 25 10:20:06 CST 2013

I have also heard that upaniShads are to be recited only before lunch. As
for Veda mantras in general, Yajnas such as the atirAtra require rituals to
continue through the night, so there is no prohibition against chanting in
the night. However, Manu smRti prohibits chanting vedas while in an unclean
state. This could be the reason why, generally speaking, vedas should not
be chanted after the first yAma and before the 4th yAma. On special
occasions, such as the shivarAtri, there should not be a problem in
chanting as part of the shiva pUjA. There are certain days, called
anadhyayana, for example, amAvAsya, pUrNimA, chaturdashI, pratipada, etc.,
when the study of vedas is suspended. Even on these days, chanting vedas as
part of the nitya pUjA and other obligatory karmas is permitted.


Bhaskar YR wrote:

Thanks for the clarification.  But as you know, the udaka shAnti maNtra-s
like kruNushvapAja paNcha maNtra-s, devi, nakshatra, gO bhAgya sUkta-s
etc. are veda saMhita maNtra-s but here in South India, most of the time
will be chanted during evening times, In SrivaishNava-s (especially
IyengAr-s) they prefer to chant the udaka shAnti in the evening time of
previous day of the main function like upanayanaM, gruha praveshaM etc.
:-))  Very strange our practices is it not??

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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