[Advaita-l] aruNa prashna & upanishad chanting in evening

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Tue Jan 29 03:52:07 CST 2013

sAshatAnga praNAms Sri Vidya prabhuji
Hare Krishna

In the context of vaidika karmA, the rules are necessarily in place. 

>  And unfortunately these rules are not uniform across the vaidika 
prapaNacha!! Hence there is lot of deviations & controversies in vaidika 
karmANushtAna and related issues.  I myself seen in Apasthambha agnimukha 
prayOga atleast 3 different methods in vaidika circle. And in bOdhAyana-s 
too there exists different method of agnimukha within their own tradition 
in the name of 'pAtha bedha'.

Chanting portions of the veda in the context of karmA needs to adhere to 
the rules as handed down. 

>  Again this is too exists only on book!!  Again in apasthAbheeya 
agnimukha, some chants chatvAri shrunga & eshahi devaH pradishOnu sarvAH 
etc. maNtra-s, some do not, instead they recite some shlOka-s which is 
used in AshvalAyana agnimukha prayOga !!  And bOdhAyana-s use different 
veda maNtra-s though their sva-shAkhA is yajurveda. 

That said, we should also recognize that there can be a lot of variation 
in the rules, but that
need not bother us. 

>  I am not able to understand this allowance and accepting the variation 
in the rules and at the same time maintaining the rigid & uncompromising 
rules in karmAnushTAna and veda pArAyaNa. 

What customs are followed in Kashi can be quite different from the customs 
followed in Kurnool, but that is par for the course.

>  again I am failed to understand why this difference??  If the vaidiks 
in kAshi & Kurnool strictly following the same gruhya & shruta sUtra-s as 
per their sUtra (like apasthAmbha, AshvalAyana, bodhAyana etc.) the 
procedure and viniyOga maNtra-s also should be one and the same no??  If 
the variance allowed within the same circle of tradition, then we have to 
say there is no hard & fast rule that needs to be observed in vaidika 
karmAnushtAna and in the name of 'pAtha bedha', custom, any deviation can 
be allowed without much insistence on injunctions of sUtra-s.

>  This is applicable to style of vedic chAnting also, there is different 
style adopted in kAnchi pAtha, Mysore pAtha (andhra & dravida pAtha)..I've 
seen in North India, maNtra-s chanted in entirely different style and 
sometimes I could not make out even which maNtra they are chanting from 
veda!! :-))

>  Kindly clarify how we can maintain the uniformity of veda-s and its 
svara-s  while allowing these differences in the nAme of saMpradAya and 
pAtha bedha??

Your humble servant
Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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