[Advaita-l] Bondage and Liberation - Logical or Illogical

Bishwa Prakash Subedi bpsubedi at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 29 22:15:58 CST 2013

The response of  v.subrahmanian to the the purported criticism by Sri Vijayeendra Tirtha as cited below is a tit-for-tat quality. 

"Will a mother willingly and knowingly give poison to her child and, then also give an anti-dote for the poison? The answer is NO. Similarly, would anyone knowingly enter/ jump into dirt and then clean oneself up from dirt? The answer is NO. So, why would the Lord create Jivatmas and knowingly put Avidya, Agyanam into them that then makes them think that they are different from the Paramatma which supposedly they are not, as alluded by the Adwaitins? Then why would the Lord also give them ways and means as prescribed by Adwaitins (i.e., study of scriptures, atma vichaara etc. etc.) by sending a messenger who propounds Adwaita, as an anti-dote to overcome this Avidya? Similarly, why would the Jivaatmas enter into dirt knowingly if they were originally unsullied that makes them deluded and, then later study scriptures to realise that they are the same as Brahman? Just does not make any logical sense, isn't it? Same with Adwaitham - just doesn't make any
 logical sense. People hear these Adwaitham from some Swami ---nanda (there are so many of these Adwaitham propounding Swami ---nanda) or read their books and, then repeat what they have said like a parrot or copy and paste from their sites without thinking. 
However, these types of jestings or critical attacks from the other quarters other than dvaita are normal in our lives. The variant(s) of the above surprising or other types of assaults from Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Atheists, so-called secular philosophers and the like may require authoritative, logical and telling answers. In this context, may I draw attention to be prepared or to answer the above and other usual questions?
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Bishwa Prakash Subedi
Kathmandu, Nepal

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