[Advaita-l] aruNa prashna & upanishad chanting in evening

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Tue Jan 29 22:48:24 CST 2013

sAshtAnga praNAms Sri Vidya prabhuji
Hare Krishna

Your comments below are extremely surprising, to say the least. From the 
very beginning,
the vaidika tradition is full of diversity. There are customs specific to 
the specialists in each
veda.  Then, there are customs specific to the adherents of different 
sUtra-s within a given
veda. On top of it, there are practices that are specific to region and 
perhaps even to a given
village, depending on the individual histories of the people there. A lot 
of times, "this is how
my guru taught me," is more than enough to validate the variation in 

>  Perhaps you were not surprised if you are into the 'paurOhityaM'. Being 
a  ritvik, for somany years I have seen many variations within the same 
sUtra followers from the same region or to be precise two different 
disciples from the 'same' gurukula !!  Yes, you have rightly observed, 
often we get the answer like : this is how we have been taught from my 
guru!!  But that guru does not invent anything on his own, if that 'guru' 
following the injunctions and viniyOga maNtra-s in prayOga from an 
authenticated gruhya / shrauta sUtra and teaching the 'same' thing to his 
shishya, there would not be any chance of variation or deviation from the 
source text...But the existing practice is not like that prabhuji, I've 
seen Acharya-s differing themselves though they claim that their 
vedAdhyayana & prayOga pAtha etc. are from the vedic institution / 
saMpradAya in Mattur / Shrungeri / svarNavalli matha  / Gubbi Ashrama 
(near Tumkur ) etc. Prabhuji, dont you think these vaidiks are the 
upholders of  our vaidika sanAta dharma for the current generation??  If 
they themselves holding different views on the karmAnushtAna and viniyOga 
maNtra-s, how can we expect the survival of veda mArga and its 

>  As far as veda chanting is concerned, if you hear the kanchi pAtha and 
andhra pAtha of the rigveda maNtra-s you would make out the difference in 
chanting that would give an entirely different impression to the hearing 
ears.  And there are some maNtra-s with rigveda svara-s which we cannot 
find in Rigveda (neither in shAkala nor in bAshkala saMhita) but can be 
found in only yajurveda with different svara-s.  For example 
brahmajagnAnaM prathamaM purastAt dviseemataH suruchOveda AvaH maNtra, 
which you cannot find in original saMhita portion of rigveda and it is 
yajurveda maNtra, but this maNtra has been used in Rigveda AshvalAyana 
prayOga with different svara-s.  Likewise, sachitra chitram 
chintayantamasmai mantra and dhruvante rAja maNtra-s we cannot find in 
yajurveda shAkha but widely used in yajurveda prayOga by reciting these 
maNtra-s in a different svara!!  Variation like this in the vaidika mArga 
is what really a matter of concern. 

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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