[Advaita-l] aruNa prashna & upanishad chanting in evening

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> Namaste ramakrishnanji,
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> So such statements are an arthavaada for making the mind one pointed to
> get the maximum benefit
> //
> Good post.
> "shrutitdvidhan tu yastrastyAt tatra dharmAvubhausmrutA" ie., when viruddha in shruti-vAkya is seen, both should be accepted as per adhikAra lakSaNa.
> It is something similar to the vAkya *ahar-ahar sandhyAM upAsIta*.
> Even though sandhyA-kAla is only 3, with the sandhyavandana in 3 kAlAs, the objective is to attain such a state of upAsana which continues *taila dhAravat*.
> However, arthavaada may not be the right choice to use here.


My thought process was as follows:

1. the apuurva vidhi for svaadhyaaya is svaadhyaayo adhyetavyaH, so
statements found in smR^iti and shiShTaachaara about "in the morning",
"recite when clean", etc., cannot be apuurva vidhi, but possibly only
guNa vidhi, i.e., specifying accessories
2. But given the explicit statement in shruti about "sitting",
"standing", "relaxed", "lying down", etc., it cannot be that either,
so it has to be arthavaada praising one pointedness of mind while

Not learning new lessons during prathmai, aShTami, etc., is different
since the yajus does not talk about the *learning* (i.e., the first
lessons)  part, so smR^iti regarding these is authoritative as guNa

If you have any other way of interpreting without using artha-vaada
and not violating the principle of aanarthakhya, I would be happy to
hear it.


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