[Advaita-l] Re The stance of the upadeshasaahasrii on Ignorance, Deep Sleep

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Wed Jun 5 07:23:07 CDT 2013

praNAms Sri Subbu prabhuji
Hare Krishna

//'I am brahman, this entire world is an appearance in the Pure
consciousness, all this is an imagination by me out of avidyA' such a firm
conviction whoever has with regard to the Supreme Self, .....is the Guru.
Such is My conclusion.//

>  I could not read the Sanskrit in your mail...and even in Sri Subhanu 
mails too the transliterated Sanskrit words were showing some squares and 
triangles:-)) Anyway, both these quotes and I can also recall another 
shloka in the name of shankara which ends in chidAnanda rUpaH shivOhaM 
shivOhaM too says something like this.  But I think treating the nAma rUpa 
as avidyA kruta helps sAdhaka to disassociate himself from the attachment. 
 Hence Krishna advises arjuna, who is shOka-mOha tapta to see the falsity 
of this nAma rUpa..But when it comes to the exclusive perception of samyak 
jnAni, shankara is quite unambiguous.  Just see these couple of  bhAshya 
vAkya-s :   pUrvaM avidyayA asarva Aseet punarvidyayA avidyApanaye sarvO 
bhavati,  tadidaM apyetarhi ya evaM veda ahaM brahmAsmeeti sa idaM sarvaM 
bhavati  and yasmin brahmaNi paNchapancha janAH..avyAkrutAkhya...OtaMcha 
prOtaMcha ...amrutaM brahma manyE ahaM, na chAhaM AtmAnaM tataH anyatvena 
jAne..These bhAshya vakya-s would definitely convey the post jnAna period 
of jnAni, who sees everything as HIM and everything from HIM only. another 
vAkya in  chAdOgyA bhAshya shankara says before jnAna jnAni would think 
srushti ityAdi by somebody else but after realization jnAni realizes that 
all srushti ityAdi from HIM only.

It is not, therefore, the shuddha brahman. Shankara gives reasons thereof.

>  I always have a doubt on context of assertions like this.  sushupti 
viveka has been compared with muktAvasta / viveka, if it is mere kArya 
brahma shankara would not have done that.  While talking about jeeva's 
svarUpa in sushupti, shankara says in sUtra bhAshya svamapeethObhavati, 
here sva means Atman not kArya brahman as you are inferring 
here..apeetobhavati means he attains his own real self...Here we cannot 
assert that his own real self here is 'kArya brahma' !!  And more vivid 
declaration by shankara in sUtra bhAshya : sushupti kAle cha 'PARENA 
BRAHMANA' jeevaH ekathaM gachchanti...Here do you mean to say pareNa 
brahma is kArya brahma or saguNa brahma??  More importantly our own 
anubhava of sushupti does not teach us it is the state where upAdhi rahita 
jeeva would merge in upAdhi sahita, vyAvahArika saguNa brahma who has his 
existence ONLY in avidyA vyavahAra !!??

>  Anyway, I request other  prabhuji-s too share their view points on 
this.  So that we can enrich our knowledge on our own unknown avasthA i.e. 
sushupti :-))

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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