[Advaita-l] Shankara and Kriya Yoga

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The possibilty that there could have been some yoga-teacher (if not Babaji) who taught Adi Shankara the Vajroli Mudra (which comes under  Kriyayoga) cannot be ruled out.  

Sunil KB

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One can find many such similar fanciful stories that
Acharya Sankara got sphaTika linga from one 
veerashaiva saint Revana Siddha Yogi.
BTW, i first heard about the Avatar Babaji when i saw the
the movie "baba" which was starred by super hero Rajanikanth.
Some even claimed that Mahavatar Babaji was none other than
Acharya Gaudapada himself !!
The best way is to ignore such cock and bull stories.
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