[Advaita-l] Shankara and Kriya Yoga

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Lord Dattatreya says in his Yogashastra  that one should learn Vajroli (i.e Amaroli and Sahajoli) from a guru of the Siddha sampradaya.

स्यात्सहजोलिस्ततो यथा।
शस्यः सिद्धानां संप्रदायतः॥ 

Of course, learning through dreams can be an exception. 

Sunil KB

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> praNAms Sri Sunil prabhuji
> hare Krishna
> ...But fact remains that according to
> mAdhaveeya,  shankara had learnt these kriya-s and mastered the 'siddhi-s
> like parakAya pravesha etc. But from whom he learnt all these things?? is
> still a question..

While the norm is that a person learns skills from another 'person', there
are exceptions too.  For instance,  in the case of the previous Jagadguru
of Sringeri, it is recorded in the book 'Yoga, Enlightenment and
Perfection' that over a period of ten days Lord Paramashiva Himself taught
several Asanas in dreams.  The outside world would not have known that any
teaching and learning went on.  In the case of Ramana Maharshi, no one
knows who taught him Vedanta, albeit one can say that it might have
happened in a previous life.  When asked who was his guru, Ramana is
reported to have replied: 'The Self is my guru'.  He has even expressed
this idea in his Tamil compositions on Arunachala.

Thus, like mastering siddhis, even the learning of those siddhis can be a
'siddhi' by itself.   And for a very highly accomplished person books are
enough to learn and master the skills.  Since everyone is not so
accomplished, the general advice is to approach a qualified teacher and

The 'Teacher' can appear in any form.  One's own intuitive capacity can
very well be a teacher.

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