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Yes; this is the essence of Mantra 7 of Mandukya Up. that starts with-  naantaH prajnam .. where it negates each state to arrive at that which pervades all the three states. The negation has to be done intellectually only - as emphasized by the mantra itself in the end as - sa vijneyaH. 

Most important to note is that adhyaasa cannot be avoided in any state. Hence Sankara has presented the Adhyaasa Bhaashya before his B.S. bhaashya.

Also to be noted is that there will always be two things together as though inseparable - like ring and the gold- The adhiShTaanam Brahma and the superimposed mithyaa world - with one and/or the other shariiras- shuula, suukshma, kaaraNa. Without one of these shariiras, the all-pervading Brahman cannot be recognized. Since for recognition, mind is required which is folded in the deep sleep state, that recognition cannot occur in the deep sleep state. 

Hence, Self -realization that requires mind can only happen in the waking state when the mind is active, which also means adhyaasa will always will be there. Hence even realization is also vyaavahaarika satyam only and hence mithyaa too. 

Any mithyaa involves the two things - astyam and anRitam part together as defined as adhyaasa by Shankara. For realization one has to use veveka to separate this inseparable entity. 

There are no short cuts here. - hence shrotavyaH, mantavyaH, nidhidhyaasitavyaH - which obviously cannot be done in deep sleep state - as the mind equipped with viveka is not there. 

It is as simple as that. 

Hari Om!

> From: Anand Hudli <anandhudli at hotmail.com>
>It is clear that any state that is itself a superimposition (adhyAsa,
>avidyA or avidyA-kalpita) is necessarily associated with duality, else
>there would result a contradiction - something that is a superimposition is
>identical with Brahman, the sole reality. 

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