[Advaita-l] Upanayanam question

Abhinand Abhinand abhinand06 at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 16 05:16:11 CDT 2013

>>Is there any rule that one should not perform upanayanaM to jyeshTa putra >(elder son) in jyeshTa mAsa ??  If yes, kindly let me know whether there >is  any shanti / prayaschitta karma to be observed to get rid of the >dOsha. >

I have heard this:
For any ritual 3 or more than 3 Jyeshtas are not permitted. The shloka goes like jyesthatraya varjayeth... (unable to recollect
the whole).

In this case, there is a jyestha putra & jyeshta masa in case the karta or karta's patni is jyestha nakshatra or jyeshta putra/putri or if the day of upanayana is jyeshta nakshatra, then this is ruled out.

In another special case, jyestha putra & jyesta putri should not be married in jyesta masa or jyesta nakshatra.

Forgive me for any unknown errors.


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