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You seem to have have hit the bull's eye. It certainly appears that that there is no proof to suggest that Mandana Mishra wrote Brahmasiddhi after meeting Shankara. The chronological developments are very important though generally scholars do not pay much attention to it.  Now I do not remember the exact verse of the Narada purana but it says that itihasa (i.e. one historical event leading to another)  is very important for Dharma. May be Vacaspati Mishra was also confounded by the Brahmasiddhi and that led him to try to uphold Mandana Mishra's earlier views, to the extent possible. It is unfortunate that the book on the study on Bhamati by Swami Jnananandendra, is no more available (Is it out of print ?).

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In Vedanta Prakriya Pratyabhijna or Method of Vedanta Sri SSS has said this

Avidyaa Lakshanam Vispashtatayaa Na Achaarya Mandanena Kutraapi Nishkrushya
Uktam Drushyate.

Mandana Acharya has not given a clear definition of Ignorance anywhere.

Atra Avidyaa Bhagavatpaadaihi Atmaanatmanoho Satyaanrutayoho Itaretara
Adhyaasa Roopatvena Sootrabhaashyasya Upodghaate Eva Sootritaa Geetaa
Bruhadaaranyakayor Api Paraamrushtaa Kimiti Na Kataakshenaapi Veekshitaa
Brahma Siddhi Kaarena Iti Tu Na Viijnaayate.

'Bhagavatpada Sankara declared in the introduction to his Brahma Sutra
Commentary that Metaphysical Ignorance was of the nature of a
superimposition of Self on not Self, the real on unreal and vice versa. And
he explained the matter further in his Gita and Brhadaranyaka commentaries.
Why Mandana the author of Brahma Siddhi did not even bestow a glance on
these passages is not clear.'

Why he is saying Mandana is not noticing Adi Sankara's Adhyasa Bhashya?
Mandana Misra wrote his work before Adi Sankara Or afterwards?


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