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I read quite sometime ago that after their discussions Mandana Mishra sent Adi Shankara to meet his relative (probably brother-in law) Vishwarupa and it was Vishwarupa, who became a Sanyashi and accomapnied Adi Shankara to Shringeri. But I do  not recall the details now. Have you also read any such account?

Sunil KB

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On Mon, 17 Jun 2013, Venkatesh Murthy wrote:

> Why he is saying Mandana is not noticing Adi Sankara's Adhyasa Bhashya?
> Mandana Misra wrote his work before Adi Sankara Or afterwards?

Before.  While Mandana Mishra is mainly known as a Mimamsaka, many of the 
early acharyas in the Vedic tradition wrote on both Mimamsa and Vedanta 
topics.  In fact one could say it was Shankaracharya's insistence on 
kevalajnana which is responsible for the two being considered as separate 
darshanas today.

According to tradition, Mandana Mishra was an older contemporary of 
Shankaracharya.  After being defeated in debate, he recanted his views and 
took up Bhagavatapadas.  Presumably this applies to his Vedantic views as 
well as his Mimamsaka ones.

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