[Advaita-l] The difference between jnAni & jnAnanishTa

Bhaskar YR bhaskar.yr at in.abb.com
Tue Jun 18 04:52:22 CDT 2013

The difference between Jnaani and jnaana nishTa - has to be understood
 as been explained by Subbuji also in many of his mails.

praNAms Sri Sadananda prabhuji
Hare Krishna

In continuation to my previous mail, I am curious to know what exactly is 
the difference between the Atma jnAni & Atma jnAna nishTa.  When you say 
only Atma jnAni has the avidya leshAdi dOsha, is this jnAni has mere 
intellectual understanding of the Atma jnAna just like all of us do!! 
Where the gradations like vara, vareeya, varishTa type of jnAni-s would 
fit in this jnAni & jnAnanishTa differentiation ??  Can we say vara & 
vareeya type of jnAni-s are equal to jnAni and varishTa (i.e. 
brahmavidvarshTa)  is equal to jnAna nishTa??  I think some years back Sri 
VidyA prabhuji too insisted that varishTa type of jnAni-s what I have in 
mind while arguing that there is absolutely no rAga-dvesha in paramArtha 
jnAni-s.  Shankara somewhere says that sva AtmaH anubhavarUpeNa  yat 
avasthAnaM sA parA jnAnanishTA ityuchyate...Is this parA jnAna nishTa is 
equal to this jnAna nishTa or varishTa??  If the answer is yes, then what 
would be the ideal definition of mere Atma jnAni??  is he just like us, 
who can recall upanishad upadesha mentally, quotes some shruti vAkya-s, 
bhAshya vAkya-s, give some discourses on Atma jnAna ( though I have not 
tried my hand on this sofar, just giving the example :-) etc.  I request 
the clarification with suitable bhAshya quotes if possible.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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