[Advaita-l] Mandana Mishra's Adwaita.

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There is also nowhere in any of the Shankara Vijayas any direct statement that Vishwarupa was the name of Mandana Mishra.

Sunil KB

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I read quite sometime ago that after their discussions Mandana Mishra sent Adi Shankara to meet his relative (probably brother-in law) Vishwarupa and it was Vishwarupa, who became a Sanyashi and accomapnied Adi Shankara to Shringeri. But I do  not recall the details now. Have you also read any such account?

Sunil KB
There is no where in any of the Shankara Vijayams that Mandana Mishra sent Adi Shnakara to meet his relative Vishwaroopa.
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