[Advaita-l] Restructuring the KedarNath Shrine

Venkatesh Murthy vmurthy36 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 23 00:00:40 CDT 2013


It is a great tragedy and huge loss of human lives but the temple is still
standing. Lord Shiva is great. He is Mahadeva. We have to consider one
point. There should not be unnecessary new structures and  modern
architecture. It should be restored and repaired back to old style. Then
the devotees can worship with full faith there is no change in the temple.

On Sat, Jun 22, 2013 at 8:59 PM, Bishwa Prakash Subedi
<bpsubedi at yahoo.com>wrote:

> Dear respected list
> members,
>           Pranam.
> First, let me extend my
> heartfelt condolences to the devotees, tourists and locals died and
> suffered in
> recent terrible flood of UttaraKhanda mainly in the vicinity of the
> KedarNath
> temple -- a great shrine believed to be established by the Bhagavatpada.
> This
> is the great harm to all Hindus.
> I request to spare
> little space of this list to discuss on this tragic incidence to condole
> the
> victims, find the way out to help those trapped and mainly what to do to
> restore the shrine and its vicinity.
> I urge the list members
> to voice for more than restoration of one of the greatest revered shrine
> of the
> Hindus. For this the government of India and that of UttaraKhanda as well
> as
> all Indians, Nepalis and Hindus should join hands to convert this curse of
> nature to boon and convert present unprecedented mourning/grief to equally
> unmatchable strength of the Hindus.
> My suggestion is to
> start with a master-plan where our ingenuity, resource, knowledge of
> shastras
> (including the vedas, shiva puranas and other puranas and smritis), hindu
> vastukalas and modern architechure are all act together. All let our faith,
> civilization, creativeness splendor, awareness and Hindu unity work
> together
> for this noble cause.
> While executing the
> project, our noble expectations may be achieved if we consider the
> following points before hand:
> ·        Standards and provisions of the Vedas, Puranas
> (including Shivapurana), Smritis and other Hindu scriptures regarding
> the works like this;
> ·        Stapatya-shastra of the East and the modern
> Western architectural developments be blended and balanced;
> ·        New information and technology, scientific
> development, art and philosophical achievements;
> ·        Ecological and environmental problems/issues,
> social and economic dynamics, security problems (man-made and natural
> disasters
> included), war, etc.;
> ·        Pilgrimage tourism including problems and
> success stories of the world renowned religious spots of Pashupatinath,
> Jerusalem, Lumbini, Mecca, etc.;
> ·        Expectations and requirements of general
> devotees, locals and religious businesses.
> Without a cautious move
> to restore the whole KedarNath area may prove unhelpful if not
> counterproductive.
> With best regards,
> Bishwa Prakash Subedi
> Kathmandu, Nepal
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