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>Even if one does not think of this world as illusion, but does doSa-darSana, still he progresses. Later on when one is matured, and God gives him an experience of detachment, he can follow neti-neti and finds everything inside him, and he is pure consciousness. It should be known that this is not last state, as last stage is destruction of mind and any experience as a separate identity. Maun is only expression capable of expressing the truth.

Sujal - PraNAms 
Yes what you mentioned is absolutely correct. Realization involves seeing oneness that pervades the plurality.  In that vision, everything becomes a vibhuuti - Jiiva-jagat-Iswara reduces to aatma-anaatma vichaara as one evolves in the vision of oneness. Everything else that is perceived becomes the glory of aatma. Hence Krishna declares first - mastaani sarva bhuutani - All beings are in Me and in the very next sloka says - na cha mastaani sarva bhuutani, pasyan me yogam aiswaram - there are really no beings in me - look at my Glory Arjuna. One has to develop that vision of seeing oneness that pervade many-ness. More one maintains that vision more one gets established in that vision.
Wish you all the best in your vision of the truth and Happy Deepavali. The vision of the light of all lights that illumines all lights - tasya bhaasa sarvam idam vibhaati. 

Hari Om!

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