[Advaita-l] Missing chapter in Online version of book 'Hindu Dharma', sayings of Kanchi Paramacharya

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Dear Sri Sujal Upadhyay,


Welcome to the list. I can see from your postings over the last few days that you will be making good contributions to the discussions here.


I would like to put in just a small comment about the Understanding Advaita website. Your write-up on the top page and in further links says "Sri Sacchidanandendra Saraswati Swami of Shringeri Math". I would recommend that you modify this to say "Sri Sacchidanandendra Saraswati Swami of Holenarsipur". 


While it is true that Sri Sacchidanandendra Saraswati Swami studied for a while with Shringeri Math pundits, he was not one of the Sankaracharyas of the Matha. He independently set up an institution called Adhyatma Prakasa Karyalaya in Holenarsipur, which operates on its own and is not controlled by Sringeri Matha. So, it would be best not to create confusion unwittingly amongst those who read about advaita and its lineages on the site, but do not have knowledge of the background details such as these.

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> Date: Sun, 27 Oct 2013 
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> Subject: [Advaita-l] Namaste
> Namaste,
> Thank you Jaldhar ji for warm welcome :)
>I am a Gujarati Brahmin, 32, M, (by birth and smArta by default). I am not
>a sanskrit scholar. Just an average guy trying to live a spiritual life.
>I manage INDIASPIRITUALITY <http://www.indiaspirituality.blogspot.com/>Blog (
>http://www.indiaspirituality.blogspot.in/) and Understanding
>Advaita<https://sites.google.com/site/understandingadvaita/>- UA - (
>https://sites.google.com/site/understandingadvaita/). UA was created
>because I was a bit disturbed by reading much being said to advaita and our
>acharya (Adi Shankara). Not being a scholar, I had to spend much time to
>find the truth. As a laymen, you will believe what you read and lack of
>information makes you helpless. I do not want others, like me, to spend
>more time find info on advaita.

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