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 If we have to discuss only Advaita here it is not possible.
 Because SILENCE
 is the one and only way to teach Advaita. Dakshina Murthy is
 SILENCE only. All the doubts of the students are cleared by
 SILENCE only.

Shree Venkatesh Murthy - PraNAms

I have no interest to get into these discussions - However for those who are interested silence does not teach advaita either. advaita is negation of duality that is being experienced is not a reality That has to be established by a shravana, manana and nidhidhyaasana which involves thought process. Detailed discussion of this was provided recently in the series posted with the heading - vichaara saagara of Nischaladasa. Please study the part 11 and Part II - respond to the purvapaksha. After the study contemplation on the truth sitting in silence will help in abiding in the knowledge. Silence is not absence of thoughts silence is in spite of noise or even the thoughts since the truth that is paaramaarthikam is independent of either absence or presence of thoughts,, which are just superimpositions on the truth. That is what mithyaa means. Since these topics have already been discussed in the above series posted last week, I remain silent.. 

Hari Om!

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