[Advaita-l] A perspective of Life

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Sat Nov 9 00:28:52 CST 2013

PraNAms to all:

BhartRihari says:

AyurvarSha satam nRiNAm parimitam, rAtrou tadardham gatam,
tasyArdhasya parasya chArdhamaparam bAlastva vRiddhastvayoH|
sheSham vyAdhiviyogaduHkhasahitam sevadibhirnIyatE,
jIvE vAritaranga cancalatarE soukhyam kutaH pRANinAm||

Everyone is looking for happiness in all his pursuits. Here BhartRihari, critically examining a human life, says normally a human being is given about 100 years of life – Most of the cases it is much less than that. Of the hundred, half is gone in sleeping, where one cannot accomplish much. Of the remaining fifty, half of that, that is 25years, is gone in growing up as a child and in becoming too old to accomplish anything. There only 25 years left. Of that too, sometime is gone in becoming sick, sometime in earning to keep one alive, sometime in crying for loss of near and dear, etc. Life is like the waves in the ocean, arising and disappearing in no time. If such is the life of a human being, how can he gain happiness that one is longing far by any pursuits? 
In essence whatever the time one finds it make use of it to gain eternal unending happiness that does not depend on time. 

Hari Om!

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