[Advaita-l] Prasna regarding Aruna Prasna

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Mon Nov 11 23:29:54 CST 2013



But there is ONE PROBLEM. I am doing Sandhyavandana daily. I cannot know
who is doing Nitya Karma in this list. It is IMPOSSIBLE.  If I want to
discuss I cannot do it. Because there is incomplete information regarding
others in this list.

What can I do? You tell me.


It is not good to assume that those members who are taking pains to respond 
you are not doing nityakarmas.  Infact, they hail from the shrotriya families 
and they themselves are well grounded in shastras under acharyas.  

As you said, nityakarma should be done for "pApa-kSaya" otherwise would be
become a "pratibandhaka" in assimiling the vedanta vAkyAs.  

I know personally Sri Goda Sastrigal who would not accept students 
in his vedanta class unless the student has meticulously performed
his sandhya anuSTAna and gAyatri japa. 

The online forums serve a good purpose of generating a "shubhEccha" among
the aspirants to delve further into the mysteries.  A lot of homework should
be done for which the blessings of acharya hailing from tradition is very much

It is not that all those people who listen to vedanta, the jivamukti is guaranteed.  
But to ask questions in the forums like these, one should have a basic knowledge
of our siddhAnta which is very essential for fruitful discussion.

It is like sitting in the class of Mathematical Topic "Real Analysis" without having the 
basic knowledge of algebra, functions, calculus.  

You are studying avasthA-traya tattva, brahmasUtra bhASya, mANDukya kArikAs etc.
on your own.   If you have time, approach shri goda sastrigal or maNi draviDa sastrigal
in Chennai, perform guru-seva and then learn the vedanta.  

If you want the vedanta chintana to be fruitful, this is how it should be learnt.  Without guru-seva,
and Acharya bhakti, shraddha, one would not understand the vedanta.


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