[Advaita-l] Reply to Sri Vidyamanya Tirtha's observations

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I can agree Aham Brahmasmi thought cannot be joined with I am Kartru and I
am Bhoktru thoughts. But BG is asking us to not do Naishkarmya but Karma
Phala Tyaga only. Krishna has not asked to give up all Karmas but Karma
Phala only. Mandana Mishra is also saying same thing by giving
Brihadaranyaka Upanishad Vakya support for Karma like Yajnas. Tametam
Vedanuvacanena Brahmana Vividishanti Yajnena Danena Tapasa Anashakena.

After Veda Vakya Jnana like Aham Brahmasmi the Vedic rituals will help to
realize Brahman. If you make a comparison the importance of Yajnas is like
Yoga for Sanyasis. There is no rule for doing Yogabhyasa for Brahma Jnana.
But all Sanyasis will know they have to do few Yogic exercises like
Pranayama. The non Sanyasis can perform Vedic rituals. Mandana has given
the pure crystal example. The Pure Crystal is colourless. We have Jnana it
is colourless. When it is near a colourful object it also has the same
colour. We are seeing it colourful even though we have Jnana it is
colourless. But when you remove the coloured object the crystal is seen
pure colourless. The removing is Action. By Karma with Phala Tyaga we can
finally reach Brahma even though the Jnana is already there.

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> Namaste
> In the URL  given below one can download a write up consisting of responses
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> following. The write up is in English with quotations in Sanskrit along
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> http://www.mediafire.com/download/7a5dou3ix49qvq4/Reply_to_Sri_Vidyamanya_Tirtha.doc
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