[Advaita-l] What exactly is karma saNyAsa??

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Sun Nov 17 01:10:45 CST 2013

Hari om

Here is a humble  attempt  to share my understanding for which I may
probably draw examples from our own life to bring home the point where
 confusion is predominant in  many of us. i wish to  put it using our daily
life experiences. application of the knowledge with reflection in every day
action is mananam which Adi Shankaracharyaji emphasises on the path  to
perfection. let me try with humble pranams to all the seekers and Adi

The child begins to crawl before walking using the same two legs. however,
it does not mean that child has forgotten the act of crawling. even when we
grow as adults, we all can crawl. but we do not as we have overcome that
phase naturally to leap into greater and efficient way of locomotion.  in
this case, both crawling  and walking are actions that are performed, can
be performed  and will continue to be performed. however, after I become
adept at walking i do not think that 'i am walking'. it is inseparable from
me even though it is an act. however,  I do not see it as an act. and, even
though I know crawling, i have given up crawling for, I do not need it any
more. similalrly, when I learn the advantages of working with karma phala
tyaga, I do with ease. But, so long as I have to learn, I am conscious of
it - I must not hold on to the fruits of action. After  the very process of
karma phala tyaga becomes natural and one with me, I also begin to see the
next level of evolution in performing karma. i.e. I am not the doer.
initially, I am conscious of the thought that ' i am not the doer' but
slowly, as the mind evolves and relaxes while performing the karma/
actions, it gives up the thought of 'i am the doer of the karma'. just as I
am walking is not a thought any more even though I walk, walking and will
continue to walk.

hari om

vaidehi chaitanya

On Wed, Nov 13, 2013 at 10:54 AM, Bhaskar YR <bhaskar.yr at in.abb.com> wrote:

> sAshtAnga praNAms Sri Vidya prabhuji
> Hare Krishna
> Kindly pardon me I have changed the subject line.
> I have observed two different observations with regard to 'karma saNyAsa'.
>  Firstly Sri sada prabhuji said :
> // quote//
> That understanding is sarva karma sanyaasa – it is not really renouncing
> actions that I never did or do, but renouncing the notion that I am doer.
> These notions will get removed only in the awakening of the true knowledge
> //unquote//
> indicating that 'karma saNyAsa' is NOT exactly about renouncing the
> physical action itself (agnihOtrAdi vaidikAdi karma-s) but it is ALL about
> renouncing ONLY katrutva bhAva of the doer.
> But  your goodself, subsequently  clarified as below :
> // quote //
> There comes a point when one has to move beyond performance of karmA along
> with
> phala-tyAga to the stage where there is sarva karma saMnyAsa, which means
> ultimately
> giving up all vaidika and laukika karmA. This is what Sankara bhagavatpAda
> emphasizes
> time and again.
> // unquote//
> AFAIK, sri shankara insists 'karma saNyAsa' (physically renouncing the
> loukika & vaidika karma-s)  in geeta bhAshya NOT exactly 'katrutva
> saNyAsa'.  Hence at somany places he stresses the importance of taking the
> formal saNyAsa when pursuing the path of knowledge.  However as Sri Sada
> prabhuji pointed out as a sAdhana part we have to practise the akatrutva
> bhAva while doing the karma when we are in other than saNyAsa Ashrama &
> these aktrutva karma-s  ultimately lead us to karma saNyAsa (physical
> renunciation of loukikAdi karma-s) automatically.  So, as per shankara
> bhAshya 'karma saNyAsa' means NOT exactly katrutva saNyAsa it is nothing
> but renuncing the 'karma' itself.  And this karma saNyAsa can be achieved
> to its fullest effect ONLY in saNyAsa Ashrama.
> Sri Vidya prabhuji, kindly correct me if I said anything wrong.
> Your humble servant
> Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
> bhaskar
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