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Thank you. I too thought the proof for soul is from shastras only and resisted attempts to establish by logic. However, in ikyamyadhikarana acharyal uses only logic to help lokayakas (materialists) understand soul. If science points to an independent soul, will it not be better for modern times?
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On Sun, 17 Nov 2013, Rajaram Venkataramani wrote:

> Is there an English translation available?

Atmatattvaviveka of Udayana; critical edition with English translation and 
explanation by Narayana Shastri Dravid.  Indian Institute for Advanced 
Study, Shimla, 1995.

> Sankara's approach indicates
> that logic (without reliance on textual authority) can be used to determine
> if soul distinct from matter exists. One may rely on modern methods to do
> so. Is that right?

atma means "self" as well as "soul." While the existence of self is, shall 
we say, self-evident :-), the pramana for soul like any other adhyatmic 
topic is from shastra only.

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