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Tapas normally means austerity - or discipline at body level, or body/mind level and body/mind/intellect level - it is also called meditation sometime and the object of meditation depends on the meditator and the purpose. Most of tapas essentially involves with drawing the mind from dissipating pursuits and concentrating on one thing. Hence single pointed meditation is really tapas. It can be saatvic, rajasic or even tamasic depends on the object and the goal of the meditation. In law sometime it is called pre-meditative murder where one is meditating on the most tamasic or ausuric tendencies. mediation for purification of the mind is what is required for evolution. Krishna discusses these aspects in the 18th chapter. 
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 Subject: [Advaita-l] Tapas
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                What is Tapas? What is its
 importance in gaining Moksha/Jivan Mukti? Is Tapas done
 always with an end result in mind like 
 Asuras/Devas did?
 Kindly requesting for answers with scriptural references.
 Thanking in advance,
 Sumitha Ramachandran
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