[Advaita-l] Seeking clarification on Rigveda recitation

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Wed Nov 27 03:48:25 CST 2013

praNAms Sri Rama prabhuji
Hare Krishna

If a svarita ocurs before a pure repha, then the repha is pronounced with
what is termed as ardha-svarita accent in some rg-vedic traditions. It's
neither a dirgha svarita nor the usual svarita.  The repha is kind of
replicated, but the svarita is not completely transferred to it, unlike 
example in the previous verse araN~!!kR^itAH. What I mean is, although the
svarita is supposed to be on the rakAra in araN~kR^itAH, the svarita is
transferred to the following anunAsika and the svarita also becomes 
Here the rakara itself is pronounced udaatta samam. In the case you ask,
the bhi retains the svarita, but the repha is kind of replicated in a
svarita tone (same as the bhi), 

>  Thanks a lot for your kind clarification prabhuji. 

hard to explain, but easy to say.

>  Yes, you are right prabhuji.  I could follow whatever you said 
above...But still I am uncertain with regard to saMhita maNtra-s and style 
of its recitation as per printed version. As you know in printed Sanskrit 
books, svara marking i.e. deergha svarita (two vertical lines on the 
letter) will not be there and in Kannada printed books both svarita 
(single vertical line) and deergha svarita (two vertical lines) printed 
clearly to ease the veda maNtra recitation.  Since I follow the printed 
Kannada book for learning, I got confused when my teacher says deergha 
svarita (two lines)in place of svarita coz. in my book it has only svarita 
(single line). 

This is quite different from both pANini as well as the taittiriiya 
prAtishakhya, where it is explicitly mentioned that repha is *not* to be 

There are variations on this between different rg vedic traditions.

>  Yes, there are two different  types of  rig veda recitation prevalent 
here. One is called kanchi pAtha and another is called Mysore pAtha.  But 
the difference in svara what I am talking is within the style of Mysore / 
shrungeri pAtha. 
>  Thanks once again for your time prabhuji.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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