[Advaita-l] Seeking clarification on Rigveda recitation

Anand Hudli anandhudli at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 27 21:16:12 CST 2013

Bhaskar YR wrote:

>01.  vAya ukthebhirjarante tvAmachhA jaritAraH - (ashtaka -1, adhyAya-1,
>sUkta-2, varga-3) here 'bhir' in ukthebhiH should have deergha svarita or
>02.  nAsatya vruktabarhishaH - (ashtaka-1, adhyAya-1, sUkta-3, varga-5)
>here also same doubt whether barhishaH should have deergha svarita or

Here, the svara should be svarita rather than dIrghasvarita. However,
in the Vishnu sUkta of the second adhyAya,the svara should be
dIrghasvarita at the end of viShNur (ato devA avantu no yato
viShNurvichakrame). Again, in sUkta 26, varga 20, the svara on the "a"
in aryamA (varuNo mitro aryamA) should be dIrghasvarita. Note that in
these two cases, the svara occurs before semivowels, but not in the
cases that you cited. I vaguely remember a rule regarding this but I
cannot find it with the limited access I have currently to my texts.


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