[Advaita-l] Reply to Sri Vidyamanya Tirtha's observations

Bhaskar YR bhaskar.yr at in.abb.com
Thu Nov 28 00:32:38 CST 2013

there is no shAstra-ullanghana involved.  *These happen
to different bodies, different janma-s, and not in the same body/janma of
the same jIva. * There is no guarantee as to what will be one's janma 
a particular janma. 

praNAms Sri Subbu prabhuji
Hare Krishna

I agree with your general observation that the soul will have different 
bodies in different janma-s.  But I am talking about the bhAva and 
saMskAra shesha of the jeeva.  If the jeeva had a sanyAsi bhAva in its 
previous janma and had the sanyAsi body and was sincere to his ashrama 
dharma then this jeeva would get the subsequent janma in an atmosphere 
which is conducive to continue his previous janma's sAdhana.  yaM yaM vApi 
smaran bhAvaM tyajatyante kalevaraM .......sadA tadbhAva bhAvitaH says 
lord in geeta.  So, IMHO, a true saNyAsi in previous janma would be a 
virAgi in his current janma also due to his pUrva janma saMskAra 
phala...He cannot be a karmi / bhOgi in his current janma, if he is a 
karmi or bhOgi though he was saNyAsi (sarva karma saNyAsi) in previous 
janma then he will be considered as Ashrama patita.  For this type of 
Ashrama patitatva there is no prAyaschitta says shankara somewhere in 
sUtra bhAshya.  Anyway, if we bring in that famous theory of prArabdha 
karma phala, there will be a possibility that a true saMnyAsi can become a 
kartru-bhOktru gruhastha once again and patitatva can be treated as his 
prArabdha janita karma phala :-))

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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