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I also do not want to continue discussion of Para Kaya Pravesha. But I will
make a point. You are saying Yati should not do Nishiddha Karma in another
body because that Nishiddha Karma Phala will come to the Jeeva. But Adi
Sankara was not acting as a Jeeva in his own body and not in the King's
body also. He had lost Jeevatva because he was Brahma Jnani. He cannot be
Karta or Bhokta in any body.

He can occupy any body but he will never be Karta or Bhokta in that body.
He was Witness Consciousness only.  In his body of Yati he was witnessing
all events. In the King's body also he was witnessing all events. How can
he get Papa or Punya?

But if any ordinary Sannyasi quits his body without Brahma Jnana he will be
born again. You cannot say he is Patita if he gets a body and marries. Why?
Because when he is born he has to complete his Brahmacharya compulsorily.
He has not a choice. In Brahmacharya he is doing Karmas like
Sandhyavandana. Can you say he is Patita because he is breaking Sannyasa
rule of not doing Karma? Then he should not at all be born. But he is born.
He has to do Karma. Similarly he can marry after Brahmacharya because the
choice is offered to him.

On Thu, Nov 28, 2013 at 1:29 PM, Bhaskar YR <bhaskar.yr at in.abb.com> wrote:

> The Vidhis and Nishedhas are for the body but not for Atma. The Atma
> cannot
> have any rules and regulations. When Adi Sankara was in Sannyasi body he
> was following Sannyasi rules and regulations. When he entered King
> Amaraka's body in Para Kaya Pravesha he was following the Khastriya rules
> and regulations and enjoying with his wives and learning Kama Sastra.
> There
> is no Papa and no Prayascitta required for this.
> praNAms Sri Venkatesh Murthy prabhuji
> Hare Krishna
> I dont know what to say to the arguments like this!!  Infact this is what
> we have find as one of the justifications from bhagavatpAda when padmapAda
> asked the question on yati dharma before parakAya pravesha.  One point we
> are forgetting here is, in vyavahAra, we have the entity called jeeva
> which is not paramAtma and which would take many janma-s, it is this jeeva
> (parichinna chaitanya) that would suffer from the karma phala.  And
> according to this karma phala only he would get the body.  So, vidhi
> nishedha applicable to this jeeva who is entangled in the body.  If the
> pApa & puNya is for the body only, then a particular body has to suffer /
> enjoy the karma phala in that body only there will be no question of
> janmAntara  / lOkAntara karma phala.  It would be better to be noted that
> body is an inert (jada) thing it cannot do anything on its own.  Body
> needs internal karaNa-s and driving force i.e. called jeeva in vyavahAra.
> So, though kAya is para the 'karta' is same, in the above episode also,
> though the body is of the  kshatriya's, the karta in that kshatriya body
> in 'yati' and it is that 'yati' who enjoyed that rAja bhOga with stree-s
> in kshatriya's body.  So, in the SAME janma a yati should not do the
> nishedha karma in another body by using his yOgic power.
> Anyway, I donot want to continue this discussion on shankara's parakAya
> pravesha as described in mAdhaveeya & chidvilAseeya etc. My point in short
> is that katrutva, bhOktrutva belongs to jeeva which is sentient and we
> should not attribute it to mere body to take excuses from the nishedha
> karma.
> Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
> bhaskar
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