[Advaita-l] Reply to Sri Vidyamanya Tirtha's observations

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Thu Nov 28 07:34:12 CST 2013



The point was - keep that which is necessary. Nothing extra. But ours is a
demanding mind. What is the use offacebok a/c and email a/c and chat a/c
for a sanyAsin, when his all doubts are or can be cleared by his Guru and a
sanyasin is not a siddha, so he is not ordered to spread the word? Even
BrahmachAris have accounts.


If we have to decide the dharma and adharma lakshaNAs of the Ashrama,
then, before pointing on sanyAsis who are creating shubbEccha, 
we must introspect ourselves whether we are living upto the
expectations of dharma shAstrAs or not?

The mahAbhArata udyOga parva says:

AlasyaM madamOhO cha chApalaM gOSTirEva cha
stabdhatA chAbhimAnitvaM tathA(a)tyAgitvamEva cha
EtE vai sapta dOshAH syuH sadA vidyArthinAM matAH

I believe we are all in vidyArthi dasha and the above sloka
is applicable for us too.  

The above sloka lists out 7 doshAs which the students should religiously

1) AlasyaM
2) mada
3) mOha
4) chApalya
5) gOSTi
6) stabdhata
7) abhimAna

Among the above, the 5th point is "gOSTi" which means that
forming a group / network and engaging in discussions and

So, the real mumukshu / jignAsu who is well-versed with the
above dharma sUkshmAs would not join yahoo forums 
for satsanghs and discussions.  He would look for a gurukulam


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