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Anand Hudli anandhudli at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 1 10:38:15 CST 2014

Thanks for an interesting debate on vivartavAda and pariNAma vada. There
was some discussion on this topic  earlier. Please see:


As expected, this discussion has to inevitably take into account the role
of mAyA/avidyA. If we agree that everything in the world is a mixture of
satya and anRta (satyAnRte mithunIkRtya), then we can reason as follows.
The cause of the anRta part is itself two-fold. mAyA/avidyA is the pariNAmi
kAraNa while Brahman is the vivarta kAraNa. So the anRta part has the same
material, "upAdAna", as mAya while it is the superimposed on the Brahman,
as an illusory snake on a rope. What about the satya part? Here is where
all discussion of causality is futile, due to the "unborn" nature of satya.
Nothing can bring it to existence. It always exists. It does not have a
cause at all.


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