[Advaita-l] Telugu movie on Sri Adi Shankara

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Wed Jan 8 02:34:02 CST 2014


The link is not opening.

Incase, it is the same movie by telugu director bharavi, then my comment would be the worst of it's kind from him.  I have seen this movie in telugu. 

The director has got certain obsessions in his mind which he tried to project in the movie. 

Prior to the release of the movie, the director sought the advice of a self-styled godman Jaggi Vasudev of ISHA Foundation as to how Acharya has to be projected and the central theme of the movie.   A good example of a "blind leading another blind".

Sri. Iyer's movie was far far better !!


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