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Namaste RK ji,

Advaita does not say that we should not make any attempts to remove
ignorance :)

But finally, one has to drop everything, including meditation. With the
help of one (strong) desire 'I want Moksha', one can uproot all other
desires. But still one desire is left, 'I want moksha'. This too has to be

Hence the teaching of no creation, etc, and dropping even the wish to know
true nature, etc is to be given later on only to an advanced sAdhaka. This
upadesha is not to be given in the beginning :). GK and Ashtavakra Gita are
not for masses.

'I want to sleep', I want to sleep, I am feeling sleepy, I am feeling
sleepy, My eyes are getting heavy, I am sleeping ...  --> autosuggestions
are to be given to yourself (that's why they are called autosuggestions :)
) only until you fall sleep. After one enters into sleep, one does not say
anything. In this case when a meditator is of the opinion that one can
enter into samadhi only by meditating, then this concept is refuted (only
to a mature sAdhaka) so that he can effortlessly enter into samadhi. We
tend to hold on to things. opposite advice is given so that we loosen our
grip and later on mentally renounce it.

You missed one point that I said, 'AdhikAra bheda'. This is very imp.
Kindly note that one instruction is not applicable to all. One upadesha is
not applicable to one person throughout the life time. Instructions keep
changing as they depend upon various factors like current mental make-up,
emotional temperament, goal of life, prakruti of seeker, current situation
that he/she is in, etc

After 6 months or say 1 year, the upadesha might change. Also note that one
question can have 2 different answers of opposite nature and both are true,
but to people of different mindsets.

Instructions are given with intention to raise one to next level or say
raise consciousness. Raising, next level, etc words are used only for
explanatory purpose :)

Swami ji has said all these in just 2 lines :)

Sri NT has given important message, Satvam Khau-idam, Brahma is often
missed. Everything *else* is also Brahman. This world is not different that
Brahman. So advaita does not stop at Brahma Satya, Jagad MithyA ... After
meditation is complete i.e. mind is completely destroyed, and when one
'wake up' :) from meditation or becomes aware of this world, he sees this
world is Brahman only. Samadarshina (and not samavartina :) )

My apologies if I have presented things in wrong way. Kindly correct me if
I am wrong.

Kind Regards



On Sun, Jan 12, 2014 at 9:27 AM, Srirudra <srirudra at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear
> If G.K.2.32  is a revelation then why all these efforts to obtain
> mumukshathvam ?Does it mean that we have to strive to know things to
> understand that they are all figment of imagination?Are all these enquiries
> about Brahman are just for intellectual exercises leading us nowhere.?What
> then it means Athatha Brahma jignyasa: of B.S.I think one has to study
> fully the G.K.and should not go by an isolated verse  and reach bizarre
> conclusions.We are all not competent to supply our opinions/
> interpretations to suit limited purposes.If I am wrong please excuse
> me.R.Krishnamoorthy.

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