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Namaste to everyone,

As I have posted my earlier findings on Smriti muktaphalam alais
Vaithyanatha Dikshitiyam. I would like to share some of the classical
smriti text that I have come across in search of Dharma Sastra text.

Here are the following list of texts:

1) Vaithyanatha Dikshitiyam alias Smriti muktaphalam: This work is composed
by Sri Vaithyanatha Dikshitar who hailed from Kandramanika village in
Kumakonam or Tanjore District. The author has referred almost all the books
that are available for dharma sastra and composed this exhaustive work. The
beauty of this work is author did not give his point of view anywhere and
finally ends the work like, these all the dharma that needs to be observed,
it is upto a person based on kala, niyama and so on consult with elders and
follow it to maximum extent. No enforcement.

Finally after a long time, years and years of search I could see the
complete portion of Vaithyanatha Deekshithiyam text which I am currently
holding in my possession temporarily. This was published by great Sarada
Vilas Mudrayala Kumbakonam in the year 1950. From 1950 to 1955 this press
has published all the parts of Vaithyanatha deekshithiyam with the moola
slokha in grantha script and meaning of that slokha in tamil. This books
were published by the anugya of Sri Chandrasekhara Saraswathi Mahaswamihal
of Kamakoti Mutt Kanchipuram. And His Holiness has given Sri Mukham for all
the parts of these books.

The books are very old and need extreme care. This book collectively
considered to be authoritative manual and will be consulted when any of us
has any doubts regarding dharma sastra.

The list of books that are published by above press are given below.

Ahnika Kaandam two parts (Poorva and Uthra Bhaga)
Sraddha Kandam two parts (Poorva and Uthra Bhaga)
Asoucha Kanda one book
Varnasrama kandam one book
Thithi nirnaya kandam one book
Prayaschitta kandam one book

2) Smriti Chandrika: This work is composed by Sri Devana bhatta. I couldn't
collect information on this author, but the volumes list are given below

a) Samskara Kanda
b) Ahnika Kanda
c) Achoucha Kanda
d) Sraddha Kanda
e) Vyavahara Kanda 1 & 2

3) Krtiya Kalpataru : This work is composed by Sri Bhatta Lakshmidhara.
Same here I couldn't collect more information on this author. This text has
one of the voluminous information with fourteen volumes

a) Brahmachari Kanda
b) Grihasta Kanda
c) Niyathakala Kanda
d) Sraddha kanda
e) Dana Kanda
f) Vrata Kanda
g) Not Available
h) Thirtha Vivechana Kanda
i) Not Available
j) Suddhi Kanda
k) Rajadharma Kanda
l) Vyavahara Kanda
m) Not Available
n) Moksha Kanda

Beauty of this Treatise is the author starts from Brahmachari Kanda and
gets into Grihastasrama and tells almost all the duties including thirtha
yatra, rajadharma, vrata and dana. Finally gets into other two asramas like
vanaprastha and sanyasa. the ones which are highlighted has not available I
couldn't find it to the sources I have searched for it. All these volumes
are printed through the classical GAEWARD Oriental Series via Baroda
Oriental Research Institute. And Some of the works are available in DLI
site as well.

4) Smriti Baskaran: No information is available about the author, but this
is very old treatise of information available in grantha script. The book
is very old and extreme care is required. Sri Vaithyanatha Dikshithar
refers this book at many places in his work.

5) Kritya Ratnakara and Grhasta Ratnakara: This is written by Chandeswara
Thakkur. This author is from Mithila and wrote many works one of which is
Smriti. This work is available in DLI site. This work is published by
Asiatic Society of Bengal, Kolkata.

6) Smriti Sammuchaya: This book is prepared by the pandits of anandashrama
mudralaya, edited by Mahopadhyaya Sri Vinayak Ganesh Apte. This book is
also available in DLI.

Among the list given above Smriti muktaphalam gives exhaustive information
on Ahnika, Achoucha, Sraddha and Varnasrama which is not available in the
others given in above list.

I do possess all the granthas with me with the divine grace of Sri
Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi Mahaswami of Kanchi Kamakoti peetam.

Maha periya Charanam Charanam


om namah shivayah

Sri Sacchidananda Shiva Abhinava Sri Nrsimha Bharti Thirtha
Charanaaravindhabhyaam namah
Sri Chandrasekhara saraswathi mahaswami Charanaaravindhabhyaam namah
Sri Chandrasekhara bharati thirtha Charanaaravindhabhyaam namah

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