[Advaita-l] 'dvA suparNA...' A New Book in Sanskrit

V Subrahmanian v.subrahmanian at gmail.com
Sat Jan 18 00:15:04 CST 2014

A new book, published for the first time, by the Purnaprajna Samshodhana
Mandiram, Bangalore, discusses the purport of the mantra 'dvA suparNA..'
occurring in the MundakopaniShat.  The author concludes that the mantra
does not teach the difference between jiva and Ishwara (Brahman).

The book, authored by Sri BAlabrahmAnanda sUri, is thoroughly examined and
edited by the eminent scholar Dr.Mani Dravid SastriNaH.  The book also
contains an appendix titled 'kAyashodhaH', a critical examination of the
human body, in poetry form, a work of great value to spiritual aspirants.

In the following link I have uploaded a few pages from the book containing:

1.  The benedictory message from the Pejawar Seer Sri Vishwesha Tirtha
Swamiji in Sanskrit

2. The Director's Note from Dr.A.V.Nagasampige, PPSM, Bangalore

3. The Editorial note from Dr.Mani Dravid SastrigaL, in Sanskrit

4. The 'contents' page of the book, in Sanskrit.

The book, of about 100 pages in very good print and get up is priced at
Rs.100 per copy and can be obtained from the PPSM whose contact details are
provided in the above upload.



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