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> > Again, the anAditva of both avidyA and jIva is sufficient here. I
> > repeat there is no time when jIva was not there and only avidyA
> > existed. Nor was there any time when avidyA was not there and only
> > jIva existed. The two have always co-existed in a mutually dependent
> > way. If you ask how avidyA and jIva are established in advaita, it is
> > a different question. The answer is found in standard advaita texts
> > and there is no need for madhusUdana to establish avidyA and jIva in
> > this specific context.
> >
> We may look at these verses of the BG 13th chapter for here are dealt the
> unique concepts of avidyA, adhyAsa, etc (I have copied these portions from
> the gitasupersite and have not done any spell, etc. checks):
> प्रकृतिं पुरुषं चैव विद्ध्यनादी उभावपि।
> विकारांश्च गुणांश्चैव विद्धि प्रकृतिसंभवान्।।13.20।।
I am not denying there are pramANa-s for anAditva of tatva-s, but just
reminding that they are not so under Shankara's general stand of "sarvE
pramANapramEyavyavahArA loukikA vaidikAscha pravrutaH sarvANi cha ShAstrANi
vidhipratiShEdamOkShaparANi "

So, BG quote is admissible if it coming from someone who is outside of
Shankara's siddhAnta. The rest of your elaboration on BG's quote is
educational if not  asangati for the argument.


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