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 The second point,
 which you
 seem to be completely missing, is that provisional facts
 may, in fact,
 be used to arrive at tattva itself. How? A frequent example
 cited is
 that of a dream tiger that causes real fear and sweat upon
 waking up.
 The dream tiger was provisionally real as long as tIhe dream
 but it did have a real effect - fear and sweat. Another
 example is
 that of the famous illusory snake. A person may really
 tremble in fear
 and run away upon seeing the illusory snake. Taking even the
 vAkya "tattvamasi" as provisional, one may wake up to the
 reality of
Shree Anandji - PraNAms

When the ignorance is provisional, the tattva and the waking are also provisional. Hence I feel there is no need even use dream tiger to wake us up, although this example has been used.  Vedas and the jnaanam along with its opposite  - avidya/maaya,  are all ontologically of the same order. From brahman point there is neither avidya nor jnaanam, and of course this discussion too.

Just my 2c.
Hari Om!

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