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Dear sri Srinath Vedagarbhaji,

<< I am not sure why do think all other non-advaitic schools use only yukti
and not shruti. May be I am not reading you well?  >>

Absolutely. Just like other schools of thought, I thought Advaitic school
also can use yukti to support their contention. But I dont see why you came
to the conclusion you have. Anyway it is not something we need to quibble


On Fri, Jan 17, 2014 at 10:34 AM, Anand Hudli <anandhudli at hotmail.com>wrote:

> Bhaskar YR wrote:
> >As we know jeeva is kevala parikalpita due to upAdhi saMbandha.  yAvadeva
> >cha ayaM budhyupAdhi saMbandhaH tAvat jeevasya jeevatvaM saMsAritvaM
> >cha..paramArthastu na jeevO nAma budhyupAdhi sambandha parikalpita
> >svarUpavyatirekeNa asti...clarifies shankara in sUtra bhAshya.  So, assume
> >that there is jeevatva we need upAdhi...so, what exactly is this upAdhi??
> >is this avidyAkruta ?? if the answer is yes for this, then we have to go
> >by vivaraNakAra-s brahmAshrita mUlAvidyA which is the locus of jeevatva or
> >socalled jeeva's upAdhi.  If the locus to this sOpAdhika jeeva is not
> >brahmAshrita avidyA then what exactly is the cause of this upAdhi which is
> >in turn the main cause of jeeva's parichinnatva??  Please clarify.
> The difference between avidyA and jIva is this. From a pAramArthika
> viewpoint, avidyA does not exist at all, while it is admitted that
> jIva is the same as Brahman. Hence, it is not appropriate to say the
> locus (Ashraya) of jIva is avidyA. However, if Ashraya is taken to
> mean adhiShThAna, then the adhiShThAna of jIva is Brahman, since jIva
> is Brahman with avidyA as the limiting adjunct.
> Anand
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