[Advaita-l] Maya and Sunrise Example

Suresh mayavaadi at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 25 06:51:26 CST 2014


Most people explain maya using the snake-rope example (or silver, mirage etc.), but wouldn't the sunrise example be better? Rope-snake example leads to the problem: there is an error in perception, which is later on corrected. In sunrise example, there is no error in perception. According to perception - which is never corrected - sun rises, period. 

Point is, the event called sunrise is false, yet we perceive it 100 times out of 100 .... establishing that even if perception isn't faulty, it still gives us wrong knowledge. Also that if something is perceived, it doesn't necessarily have to be true. Sunrise (jagat) is clearly perceived, yet it is false. Earth's movement (Brahman) is not perceived, yet it is true. 

So wouldn't the sunrise example be better in explaining maya, ignorance, and all the rest? 


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