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>>>1) fire is camouflaged with it's smoke; 
>>>2) the mirror is covered with dust; 
>>>3) embryo is covered with membrane;

Let's also remember that the above verse also indicate the time & efforts required in CLEARING the ignorance.  

A mild breeze will show up the 'fire' , whereas one will have to sweep clean the mirror and the effort depends upon the stubborness of the dirt. In the last case the 'time' allotted stays and one will have to 'wait'. No amount of hurrying up helps!



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Namaste All,

One of the revered members corrected my post.  Here it is:

tvaM (you) AtmanaH (from yourself) enam kAmaM (this desire), nAshanaM (destroyer) shreya-prApti-hetoH GYAna-viGYAnayoH (of GYAna & viGYAna which are means to shreyas), prajahi (renounce). 

kAma is the destroyer of GYAna-viGYAna, hence declared as enemy, not the other way round.

My pranams to the revered member for correcting me.


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Thus mentioned in 3rd chapter of BG as:

dhUmEnAvriyatE vahniryathAdarshO malEna cha
yathOlbEnAvrutO garbhastathA tEnEdamAvrutaM 

Just as 

1) fire is camouflaged with it's smoke; 
2) the mirror is covered with dust; 
3) embryo is covered with membrane;

similarly, the jnAna is camouflaged with kAma

And the locus of this kAma is indriyAs and antahkaraNa vide
the subsequent sloka:

indriyANi manO buddirasyAdhiSTAnamuchyatE
EtaivimOhayatyESa jnAnmAvrutya dEhinAM

Subsequently, Acharya Sankara says that:

jnAnaM shAstrataH AchAryataH cha AtmAdInAM avabOdhaH;
vijnAnaM vishESataH
tadanubhavaH tayOH jnAnavijnAnayOH shrEya prApti hEtvOH
nAshanaM prajahi
hi AtmnaH parityaja ityarthaH

With the help of shAstra and Acharya upadesha, one gets the
knowledge (jnAna) about what is self and what is non-self;
what is vidya and what is avidya.  After contemplating
on these principles, the he abides in swa-swarUpa sthiti
which is called "vijAna".  Thus, these two ie., jnAna
(shAstra jnAna) and anubhUti (vijnAna) both destroys the
kAma which is seated in antahkaraNa. 


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